Which is the Best Resort in Manali for a Honeymoon Trip?

Which is the Best Resort in Manali for a Honeymoon Trip?
Honeymoon in a heavenly holiday destination is one of the biggest dreams of every newly married couple. Generally, these plans are made well before the marriage date and the hotel’s rooms are booked with little information accessible. Some spouses like to surprise their life partner while others plan the holiday carefully. Apart from selecting the best hotel for a honeymoon, the couple also considers places. Manali top the list and why should it not be! This location has many beautiful sites to visit on a honeymoon and make the postnuptial vacation unforgettable. But for a memorable honeymoon, you need to find out the best honeymoon resorts in Manali, and given below are few important points about choosing the best.

The location of resorts in Manali matters a lot.

The initial days after marriage are the best period in everyone’s life. And the honeymoon in a luxurious resort at the best location can make it more special. Solang Valley Resorts is located at Solang Valley, Manali in the lap of Himalaya yet stands out of the active environment of the town. Expect the peacefulness of paradise when you sit by the window.

How Luxurious is your Room?

A special touch of luxury can enhance the holiday experience taken by newly-wed couples. When you going to book such a holiday, take into consideration the little service frills. These extra perks might seem small but they make a big difference.

Responsiveness of the Honeymoon Packages

Many honeymoon packages only carry an attractive name but they have nothing special. Solang Valley Resort has designated the best package for your honeymoon special night which includes traditional room decoration with fresh flowers, romantic candlelight dinner near riverside, snacks (vegetarian) and tea/coffee complimentary, and a bottle of wine or two mocktails. The resort is the best place for couples and the romantic ambiance encourages ‘coffee with cuddles.

Think of the services of your honeymoon package

The early days of a new relationship are generally calm and melodious and the tiny hitch in your honeymoon package can ruin the experience. The Solang Valley Resort brings to you a wide range of amenities & services that will make a difference to your experience during the stay.

The Solang Valley Resort is the best riverside resort in Manali with the best services and amenities not only for couples but for travelers. They assure a memorable stay in this heavenly hill-station.
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