Plan a Trip for Family in Solang Valley at Affordable Price

Plan a Trip for Family in Solang Valley at Affordable Price

There are only a few locations in India which are the dream holiday locations and Manali in Himachal Pradesh is one of them. And the best thing is that you need not take so many holidays to explore this best hill station, even 3 – 4 days of backpacking is sufficient.

The exciting and colorful Manali in Himachal Pradesh is one of the safe & famous tourist destinations in India. The features that make Manali compelling and magnificent are countless and few of them are amazing weather, huge mountains, fresh air, and the lush green surrounding. All the exploratory and spare time activities that one can enjoy while being here make Manali much more appealing. A single visit to this destination can light up the boredom of your life.

Let’s plan a trip for the family to Solang Valley at an Affordable Price in Family Hotels in Manali.

Generally, people start their trip from Delhi or Chandigarh. So here we will tell you a few things according to these starting points.

  • Delhi is about 530+ km from Manali and it takes around 13+ hours of journey from Delhi to reach this destination.
  • The safest way to reach Manali from Delhi is HRTC (Himachal Pradesh Transport Corporation) Volvo Buses which usually start from Mandi House Himachal Bhawan and Kashmiri Gate Maharana Pratap Inter State Bus Terminus or other private bus operators. The ticket price usually ranges between 1000 Rs to 2000 Rs.
  • The other best but little bit costly option of traveling to Manali can be a cab, which will cost you Rs. 8000 – 12000 (depends on the car type). Traveling by taxi is very comfortable and plus a shared taxi is very cheap.
  • During the on-season, it is best to book your room in a hotel or resort in advance to avoid the hassle of immediate searching and bargaining.
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  • With the purpose of travel to Manali, one needs to be familiar with the basic geography of the place. So plan your trip by keeping in mind the best attraction like Hadimba, Vasisth, Jogini waterfall, and Solang valley, etc.
  • Last but most important point is to avoid unknown or suspicious people and always trust the staff of the resort or hotel for visiting or exploring new places.
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