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One of the star attractions at this destination resort is the easy access to adventure sports, be it trekking for all levels in the warmer months paragliding or skiing and other winter sports on snow-clad days. You could also choose to experience nature outdoors through camping, mountain biking or lazy pony rides. The resort offers river rafting and rappelling in-house and one can also register for a course in the same. Snow tubing, snow scooting or skiing, take your pick or pick all three for an immersion into the fun that snow brings. The in-house team can

Trekking At Solang

Whether you are an adventure lover or a nature lover, Solang Valley will never let you down. One will come across wonderful combinations of nature mixed with adventure sports and high meadows offering joyful, exciting experiences of the Kullu Valley and the Himalayan foothills. This makes Solang Valley the ideal platform for treks and draws in trekking fans from everywhere throughout the world.

Dashir Lake

Another high altitude wonder, Dashir lake is an integral part of blue delights flowing in Himachal Pradesh. Located near Rohtang Pass, Dashir Lake is a veritable treasure trove for nature lovers. Crystal clear cobalt water makes you see right through the lake. The scenery in the background is equally majestic & invoking.

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Hamta Peak

Hamta Pass the trekking cornerstone in Himachal takes us closer to Hamta Peak. The mystical jagged resident of the valley, Hamta Pass trek is indeed at top of the charts affording views of lush green valleys. Towering snow-clad mountains with barren hills & surrealist forms & shape. Leaving the Manalli valley the trek proceeds through forrest of walnuts, oak & the alder.

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Hanuman Tibba

This trek crowns everything just like Chandra Taal lake. The Beas Kind trek is actually the prologue to this enchanting experience. The imposing peak’s dominant presence start sizing you up in your own eyes. As you come face to face with the Hanuman Tibba, the fact how & why it has this name quashes all questions humming in your mind ever since you heard this name.

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Snow Tubing


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Snow View at Resort

Snow View at Resort

Snow View at Resort

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