4 Reasons Why You Should Prefer 5 Star Hotels in Manali

4 Reasons Why You Should Prefer 5 Star Hotels in Manali

Some people are staunch about staying at only the 5 Star Hotels in Manali instead of looking for cheaper options. While many travellers refer to such preferences as “show-off” or “luxurious choice of rich people”, the truth is not so. 

If you talk to the guests staying at Solang Valley Resorts, you will understand why people choose to stay in 5 Star hotels when they are visiting the valley for a few days during vacation. 

The service quality

The foremost factor that makes us the best resorts in the area is the quality of our service. People are ready to pay a little higher amount for booking the rooms when they are confident that the service will be impeccable. 

  • Our team of workers are highly diligent and their sole aim is to satisfy the guests. 
  • We will always try to meet your requirements as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We encourage you all to go through the reviews of our hotels to know how we have been providing customized services to our guests. 

The ambience

Yes, the staying experience does matter when you are in vacation mode. Beginning with the highly classic décor of the place to the modern stylized rooms with all facilities and amenities, we offer you everything that you are looking for at our hotel Solang valley Manali

We create the perfect environment where you can feel nature’s presence all around without compromising the luxuries of life. 

The Facilities

We are always happy to see how the guests get overjoyed to see our gym. You can work out, and relax in the swimming pool whenever you want. Moreover, if you are booking high-end suites like the Presidential suite, you can enjoy it in your Jacuzzi. 

The food

Multi-cuisine restaurant serving lip-smacking food is a signature of the Solang Valley Resorts. The best way to impress the guests is to impress their gastronomic senses. Thanks to our skilled chefs, we always prepare the most delicious spreads that will really impress the guests. 

With so many options available and a bar with huge stock of liquors, what more can you ask for in the wintry evenings at Manali? Stay with us and enjoy Nature from the warmth of your rooms and relax like never before. 

If you have queries, drop a mail at info@solangvalleyresorts.com or simply call us at +91 9810036692.

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