Know the Advantages of Corona Safe Hotels in Solang Valley

Know the Advantages of Corona Safe Hotels in Solang Valley

A few months back before Covid-19, the hospitality industry lured visitors with services such as Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Well Stocked Bar, Gym/Health Club, and Laundry, etc. But now the scenario has completely changed and hotels & resorts add many other services & facilities not only to lure visitors but to make them feel safe & secure from Covid-19.

Most resorts in Solang Valley Manali are assuring best practices according to MHA guidelines such as regular cleaning, sanitization, contactless check-in, and low capacity. Many are taking the prospect to innovate, thinking of new ways to make guests feel safe and comfortable, which range from luxury to odd.

In this courageous new world, the concierge is more important with booking Covid tests than compliment drinks. In place of best sleep masks are compulsory face masks. Floral pillow sprays have been swapped with artisanal sanitizer sprays.

Some of the advantages of Corona safe hotels in Solang Valley are:-

Rooms will be cleaner than ever

Room cleaning and sanitation have never been more critical. Best hotels in Manali are placing more emphasis on room service and cleaning. High-touch spots and surfaces in hotels regularly clean in detail and sanitized. Special consideration is given to the bathrooms cleaning. Sanitizers are available in every room for the guests.

The best possible standard of hygiene-Inside as well as outside

Best Riverside Resort in Manali has severely elevated hygiene standards, inside & outside of the hotels. The rooms and common areas like the gym, washroom, and lobbies are regularly undergoing deep-cleaning and disinfecting frequently. This procedure is following under the observant eye of a specially assigned Hygiene manager to make sure that all the standard procedures are followed across the hotel.

Introduction of technology

Corona safe hotels in Solang valley are safer than ever, they have put in use electrostatic sprayers that disperse mist across large areas equally to cleanse surfaces. Checking in or out, reservation, and other services won’t require you to go to the reception every time, because of contactless services through your cell phone or intercom. As well as, you don’t have to pay by cash for the services as you can simply pay via phone.

Safety and Hygiene for associates

As you know, the hospitality industry depends on associates or service providers for the supply of items & services. But don’t worry; they have undergone precise training regarding hygiene and safety. There are regular temperature checks for all the employees before entry and they sanitize themselves frequently. All these practices will make sure that you have a safe stay at these hotels.

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