Tips to Know Best Covid Safe Hotels in Solang Valley

Tips to Know Best Covid Safe Hotels in Solang Valley

Travelling during a pandemic may not be the best decision you could make at this time but human nature is such that it has become hard to stay indoors any longer. The pandemic is still scaring many, so maximum safety precautions need to be taken by everyone who is planning to travel. Cities have started opening up gradually so is the hospitality industry. While the hospitality sector is striving its best to offer maximum safety but the risks of the contracting virus still remain at peak. So, it is important for travellers to keep in mind the safety precautions to minimise the risk of catching infection while travelling. Here are few tips that one should consider when selecting covid safe hotels in Solang valley:

  • Online bookings- Firstly, make sure that the hotel utilises the internet services to the fullest by provide a well-developed and manged facility for online bookings. This is a crucial step in keeping minimum physical human interaction and managing the working smoothly. Also, one must make sure that the hotel staff do not come much into direct contact with guest and all the necessary communication is carried out through telephone/internet. There are various 5 star hotels near Rohtang tunnel providing best online facilities.
  • Safety guidelines- Check whether the safety guidelines of the hotel like proper sanitisation, cleanliness is as per the government’s guidelines or not. Do check whether the hotel accepts cashless payments and provides other contactless services as it must be the top priority in order to ensure safety precautions taken by the hotel.
  • Occupancy rate- Make sure to check the hotel’s occupancy rate both virtually and physically (if possible) to get a fair idea about the number of guests staying and what is the maximum accommodating range that the hotel is open to. Also, ensure that all the covid safe hotels in Solang valley are not open to shared hotel facilities like spa, gym, etc as the chances of virus spreading are very high in these activities.

After considering the above-mentioned pointers, visitors ought to keep some other important factors in mind that are highly essential to keep the deadly virus at bay. It includes- making sure that the hotel has ample doors and windows for proper ventilation; it has proper arrangements for sanitizers, temperature checks and masks at every 5 star hotels near Rohtang tunnel and other places too.

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