Recommended Adventure Activities in Manali – Solang Valley Resort

Recommended Adventure Activities in Manali – Solang Valley Resort

Manali is one such tourist destinations of India that caters well to every visitor irrespective of age, gender and interests. One would never slip into boredom when in Manali because the place is full of fun, frolic and solace set amidst the mighty mountains and covered with the nature’s blanket. Solang valley resort is considered the hub of all adventure as people flock to this destination in high numbers especially in summer/winter breaks to experience thrill offered in the form of numerous adventure sports. Let us discuss few sports that one must try when in Manali:

  • Paragliding- Solang valley is the most favourite destination tourists who wish to try their hands on paragliding in Manali. The magnificent view and lush greenery add to the charm besides offering a pleasing view to the visitor from a distance. Soar up in the sky with the help of practiced instructors who guide through the activity well.
  • Skiing- One of the most preferred adventure activities in Manali-skiing. Solang valley receives hefty snowfall during winters therefore its slopes are perfect for skiing. Beginners can hire ski instructors or opt for short courses in skiing to enjoy the adventure sports safely. Every year, Skiing enthusiasts from all over the world visit Manali to enjoy alpine skiing on the slopes of Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley.
  • River rafting- Manali city owes much the river Beas that flows solely and silently among the mountains treating the visitors with an exciting adventure sport called river rafting. Solang valley resort provides the opportunity to every guest to experience this enthusing sport. Manali rafting can be easily opted for by newbies as it happens to be one of the safest zones for river rafting. Skilled rafting guides accompany on the amusing journey.
  • Snow scooters- Snow scooters are also very popular in solang valley as it is different from other adventure sports and provides a different experience all together. This powerful machine allows the visitors to glimpse the abundant beauty over a 2-kilometer stretch and is fun with friends and family.

These are the must try adventure activities in Manali as they would provide you a very memorable experience besides healing and energizing in a very positive way. So, quickly connect with your friends and family and plan a trip to Solang valley for a worthy winter break and bring back fond memeories.

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