Safe and Hygienic Stay in Manali for Honeymoon Couple

Honeymoon Resorts in Manali

As the pandemic monster is gradually exiting our lives, people are making up their minds to come out of their long-hibernated stay at homes and re-join the fun which went missing for quite some time. Hotels are waiting overexcitedly for guests at every holiday destination but they must keep in mind that the pandemic is still not over. Increased health and safety concerns teamed with a heightened awareness for hygiene and social distancing mean hotels will first have to reassure their visitors that going on holiday is both safe and desirable. Here are few tips that every visitor must consider for a safe and hygienic stay in Manali:

  • Cleanliness is next to godliness-Factor that top the list in meeting health and safety standards: hygiene and cleanliness. Make sure that the hotel staff uses personal protective equipment in the form of masks and gloves. The use of anti-viral cleaning agents, disinfectants and UV light is must be is regular use. Also, the rooms must be equipped with sanitization products like multi-purpose disinfectant wipes.
  • Use of Technology for minimum touch- Honeymoon resorts in Manali must make a judicial use of technology and adopt such practices in their services that shrink the human contact to minimum.  Hotels providing contactless payments and deliveries should be preferred along with a low-touch guest experience and other services. Phone should be the ultimate contact link between the guest and staff.
  • Proper medical facility- Besides ensuring a safe and hygienic stay in Manali, visitors need to have complete knowledge about the medical facilities available in the hotel. Considering the pandemic situation and vulnerability to health emergencies, hotels must be prepared to encounter any such situation well in advance so as to deal proactively with any health and safety concerns, while incorporating any new governmental guidelines or protocols.

The present circumstances require hoteliers to think beyond the realms of their specialism to incorporate more hygienic practices and the safety needs. Visitors must be aware of all the safety measures necessary for a healthy stay and opt for a hotel/resort that considers the visitor’s health and the related concerns as its topmost priority. Honeymoon resorts in Manalihave carved a niche in hospitality industry by following all the safety orders and making every possible effort to offer both safety and enjoyment to the new couple.

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