Know about the Adventure Activities in Manali

Know about the Adventure Activities in Manali

Adventure activities should be a must on Wishlist when planning a trip to Manali. Manali especially solang is one such destination that caters to every heart’s desire be it young or old, each and every visitor finds satisfaction and happiness at every moment, in every activity they undertake. 5 star hotel in Solang just add the icing on cake by providing world class services and ultimate customer satisfaction to every guest irrespective of age, gender, interest, etc. Mentioned below are few interesting adventure activities that one can look forward to in Manali:

  • Paragliding- One of the many exciting sports enjoyable on the hills of Manali, paragliding is a good to go option for many individuals. This sport consists of lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft that is controlled by a professional pilot. The pilot attaches himself and the customer to the harness and flies and gains height up to thousand meters. It is a must try activity in solang.
  • Snow tubing- Tubing, also known as inner tubing, bumper tubing, or kite tubing, is one of the most recreational adventure activities in Manali, where an individual rides on top of a round tube, either on water or snow. The tubes are also known as “donuts” due to their shape. It is much safer and can be enjoyed by all age groups especially teens.
  • Skiing- Though there are many available skiing surfaces but you get to experience only the snow skiing in Manali, this fascinating sport requires several protective equipment-like skis, boots, ski suit, helmet, etc as the person might become vulnerable to injuries if safety protocol is not followed wisely. It is also very a very enthusing sport widely available in 5 star hotel in Solang and other parts of Manali.
  • River rafting- River Beas flowing silently amidst the hills offers a bunch of thrill to its visitors through an exciting sport called, river rafting. This sport uses inflatable rubber rafts, paddles and oars which come in many sizes and varieties keeping specific river conditions in mind. There are some definite places on the river where rafting is carried out as it might prove to be fatal if experimented on in extreme spots. It is an electrifying sport that comes with a tag of risk, so people must be doubly sure before trying it out.

Hence, it is recommended to try at least one of the above adventure activities in Manali to make the trip a memorable one.

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