The World’s Most Luxurious Ski Resorts in Manali

The World’s Most Luxurious Ski Resorts in Manali

Winters need not be spent indoors, cuddled up in a quilt sipping on hot tea, if it isn’t your cup of tea! Winters can be adventurous, luxurious and marvellous as there are many things to indulge in during the cold months. Be it the beginning of winter, the middle or the end, warming up with winter adventure sports and activities in the lap of the nature in Manali sounds nothing less of a dream; lodging at a luxurious 5-star river resort in Manaliis not even the cherry on top of the cake as The Solang Valley Resorts offers so much more!

A Winter Wonderland!

We, at The Solang Valley Resorts, offer plenty of adventures, activities and facilities for you to stay warm in the winters! With easy access to winter sports like Skiing, Snow Tubing, Snow Scooting and Paragliding, this luxury ski resort is the perfect vacation spot for your winter break. Boot up and ski with your loved ones, all the while being mesmerised by views of the snow-clad peaks of the Dhauladhar Range.

If you are looking for a calmer & cosier holiday, then we have activities catering to those requirements too. You can choose to be outdoors yet relaxed with camping and lazy pony rides.

What’s more is we offer in-house rappelling and river rafting and if you wish, you can register for courses in the same and show-off your skills among your friends. If you have planned to come to Manali in the months of summer season, worry not, we have easy access to trekking as well, across all levels.

Relaxed Vacation!

Simply getting away from the hustle- bustle of the city and a monotonous routine can seem like the best vacation plan, especially when visiting the quaint hill station of Manali.

Walking through the lush gardens of The Solang Valley Resorts with the view of the magnificent Dhauladhar Mountain range and the beautiful sounds of the gurgling Beas River, that this river resort in Manali sits on, while sipping on your tea can be a great start to a day in your vacation before proceeding to the many activities we offer.

With a wide range of facilities and amenities like basketball court, skating rink, snooker, table tennis, films, video games, chess, multi-cuisine restaurant, open-air barbeque, laundry services, gym, well stocked bar as well as a shopping arcade, you are sure to have a relaxed and luxurious experience with us at this grand luxury ski resort while being active and enjoying the in-house entertainment with your friends and family.

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