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Luxury Ski Resort in Manali

Holidays are the best time to go far off the daily hectic schedule and live life to its fullest. For spending vacations Manali is highly recommendable hilly and adventurous spot. To reduce the stress of accommodation there are many Hotels in Manali providing comfort to the tourists. Manali is a touristic spot eagerly loved by people. Hence it becomes very tedious to book accommodation at the same time so it is beneficial to Get Manali Hotels Booking in advance.

Dual fun can be taken by choosing Shimla Manali Package as Shimla is situated nearby Manali. There is no issue of transportation as hotels of Manali also provide Volvo Packages for the ease to have convenient tour. The multiple adventurous fun activities are included under these packages

Ice and snow gives utmost fun in chilling summer as well as thrilling winter. There are various fun ski games and activities that fulfill the adventure of snow loving people. The fun ski package includes the ice activities such as –

Fun Skiing – Enjoy fun skiing games available for beginners and learners. Solang Valley resorts provide trainers and guides to quickly learn the fun skiing games and activities securely.

Snowboarding – Snowboarding is an awesome source of recreation. Riding in the surface covered with snow using snowboard is very delighting.

Snow Tubing – Snow Tubing is an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone from childhood to old age. No perfection skills are required. Just have the fun ride using the tubes with lots of cheers, smiles, joy and fun.

Ice Skating – Sliding in the ice with skates, racing with each other, throwing ice balls on your family members, making snowman and igloo’s what a joyful thought feeling as if one is in the mid of snowy land. Ice skating can be done with and without using the support sticks as per your perfection and needs.

Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides – Take the pleasure of sitting down on the sleigh ride drawn by horses and shouting in joy seeing picturesque of scenic beauty. Have the dinner delight at the resort restaurants and cafes present there.

Ice Fishing – Get ice fishing cabin on rent to enjoy the luxuries of doing fishing in the ice with quiet environment, early morning little light and snowy breeze.

Dog Sledding – Riding on the sledge run by the barking dogs making your ride fast and fast. This is dog sledding – a thrilling but lovely adventure.

Cross Country Skiing – It is used as a recreational sport as well as the mode of transportation. Cross Country Skiing is traveling on the snow covered terrain using the skis.

Ice Climbing – Climbing the snow covered mountains thinking as a mountaineer climbing the Mount Everest with the goal to reach at the highest peak faster to stick up your fast gives the competitive and proud feeling of sportsmanship.

Others fun activities includes river rafting which is considered as one of the best recreational sport for getting rid of hot summer’s effect. Rafting in the middle of river gives immense joy and fun. It can also be enjoyed during the breezy winter taking the love of expedition with the firm belief to get it done even in winter.

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