Exceptional Services with a Family Hotels in Manali – Book One Now!

Exceptional Services with a Family Hotels in Manali – Book One Now!

Manali is a place that leaves a massive imprint of its beauty and serenity upon the visit. The vacation becomes instantly better when you enjoy it along with your family and close ones. There are many family hotels in Manali that can cater to your requirements. One of the luxury ski resort, Solang Valley Resort, is an excellent spot to spend the holidays. The Solang Valley Resort has three buildings with a sprawling spread of 70 spaces, known as the River, Valley, and Glacier.

Using local teak wood, they were purposefully built and combined seamlessly with the climate. And when you offer your every whim, bringing warmth and luxury together, much of their furniture is antique to give you a feeling of old-world charm and refinement.

The highlight of Solang Valley Resort is the valley itself, with all its colors and seasons. At an altitude of 8,500 feet above sea level, the resort is nicely situated on the banks of the River Beas. It expresses the beauty of the Solang Valley and has been designed to take into account the beauty of nature in its grandeur surrounding it. As it flows next to our luxury spa, The Beas signs its pace, as the Beas Kund glacier watches in its rich splendor. To behold the beauty of nature in the lap of luxury, the magnificent Dhauladhar range provides a mesmerizing backdrop.

Solang Valley Resorts, one of the best family hotels in Manali, is one of the most corona safe resorts. Until checking-in, the rooms are well ventilated and disinfected. Both rooms are fitted with hand sanitizing machines.

The Solang Valley Resort has everything from a special riverside dinner for a small party to an indoor restaurant for up to 250 guests. “Enjoy the delicious flavors of Dhaam’s kitchens, Solang Valley Resort’s multi-cuisine, all-day dining restaurant, which means “Local Feast” in Himachali.

The Gazebo Italian Restaurant is famous for its variety of wood-fired ovens, including all-time favorites such as pizza and grilled trout. The eponymous little Malana is a sophisticated bar for these indulgent drinks and dishes.

Simple access to outdoor activities, such as hiking in the warmer months for all ages, paragliding or skiing, and other winter sports on snow-clad days, is one of the key attractions of this resort. This is one of the luxury ski resort with many more fun activities.

Set amid the magnificence of nature, with its intuitive aesthetic that blends in with the valley even as it provides world-class facilities, the resort has everything in each season.

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