How to Enjoy Your Vacations at 4 Star Hotels in Manali

How to Enjoy Your Vacations at 4 Star Hotels in Manali

The very name Manali leaves a nostalgic imprint in the mind of any Indian traveler. Manali exudes a laid back feel and exhibits enough natural elements to grab the heart of any retreat seeker, a domestic honeymoon getaway that has impressed travelers for years. Greenery-enriched landscapes, mountains capped in snow, quaint areas, and many adventure destinations make Manali the travelers’ overwhelming favorite.

The availability of all the main facilities needed to boost the standard of comfort of travelers also makes Manali ideal for family holidays. So, if you’re looking to spend your long-awaited vacation in one of India’s quintessential hill stations, Manali should be your first destination.

One of the 4 star hotels in Manali is the Solang Valley Resorts. They provide you all the necessary amenities to enjoy your vacation. With all its colors and seasons, the highlight of Solang Valley Resort is the valley itself. The resort is nicely located on the shores of the River Beas, at an altitude of 8,500 feet above sea level. It reflects the beauty of the Solang Valley and has been built to take the beauty of nature into account in its surrounding grandeur. The Beas signals its speed as it flows next to our luxurious resort, as the Beas Kund glacier watches in its rich glory. The majestic Dauladhar range offers a mesmerizing backdrop to behold the majesty of nature in the lap of luxury.

The luxury hotel in Manalihas access to outdoor activities, such as hiking in the warmer months for all ages, paragliding or skiing, and other winter sports on snow-clad days is one of the key attractions of this resort. This is one of the4 star hotels in Manali with many more fun activities.

One of the key factors to enjoying your vacation is food. From a special riverside dinner for a small group to an indoor restaurant for up to 250 guests, the Solang Valley Resort has everything. “Enjoy the delightful flavors of the kitchens of Dhaam, the multi-cuisine, all-day dining restaurant at Solang Valley Resort, which means “Local Feast” in Himachali.

For its range of wood-fired ovens, including all-time classics such as pizza and fried trout, the Gazebo Italian Restaurant is renowned. For these indulgent cocktails and dishes, the eponymous little Malana is a sophisticated bar.

The luxury hotel in Manali will provide you outdoor activities as well. If you are fortunate enough to have a zealous family, then we would recommend that you go to Manali for an adventure. And until you experience the thrills of rafting on the Beas River in Pardi, I think your adventure tour will be incomplete.

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