Different Summer Sports To Be Enjoyed In India Himalaya

Different Summer Sports To Be Enjoyed In India Himalaya

The dramatic Himalayan chain is one of the world’s most admired international travel destinations, with a variety of exciting experiences to be discovered. Millions of visitors have visited in the last ten years due to the scenic wonders of the mountains, the inhabitants, the plentiful wildlife, and also its remoteness.

The Himalayas is not your typical mountain retreat. Over 40 million people are living here, and their rich and varied culture will entice you to learn more. The Himalayan chain is a perfect place to test your boundaries and explore the untamed wilderness because of its pulsating mosaic of diverse peoples, languages, and pilgrimage routes.

One of the most beautiful yet adventurous places in the Himalayas is the beautiful town of Manali. There are several adventure activities in Manalias well as several corona safe resorts in Manali. For both locals and tourists, Manali is the best place to spend the winter months. Manali attracts adventurers with its freezing temperatures and thrilling activities like camping, paragliding, and river rafting. You’ll have an unlimited amount of fun skiing in Manali’s Solang Valley, where skiing is a common winter sport due to the valley’s blanketing of snow from October to January.

If you are looking for adventure, the adventure activities in Manali are an excellent value for money. It has hundreds of picturesque sights and temples, splashing rivers, streams of water, and high-sky mountains, and offers a picturesque and magnificent view of the nearby valleys.

Some adventure activities that can be performed are:

1. Zorbing and Paragliding

Khajjiar, also known as India’s “Mini Switzerland,” is a sanctuary for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies alike. In the middle of nature, the fresh air is beyond breathtaking, and the region is also known for adventure sports like zorbing and paragliding, where you will encounter rolling down the hill in a giant unbreakable and translucent ball that will make the world go round, and Khajjiar’s hilly green slopes are the best places to engage in this exciting sport.

2. Rafting

The River Beas, considered one of India’s best rafting stretches, offers both easy and difficult stretches for beginners and explorers. The months of April to June are considered the finest for all types of river rafting. For safety purposes, the rafting process is done with the assistance of a skilled guide, and you can expect a fun time.

3. Skiing and Parachute

Skiing is the ideal way to taste the thrills of winter sports in Manali, which is an exciting destination for snow lovers. The Solang Valley’s beautiful slopes provide a wealth of thrilling opportunities for skiing and other adventure sports like parachuting and paragliding. These activities are accessible at the corona safe resorts in Manali.

The Solang Valley Resorts is the best corona safe resort in Manali that will provide you the most comfortable stay and also provide all the adventure activities in Manali.

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