Covid Safe Hotels in Manali – The Abode of Bliss and Comfort

Covid Safe Hotels in Manali – The Abode of Bliss and Comfort

The second wave of covid has just gone by and there is already a fear of third wave. It calls for people being cautious enough to save themselves, their family andinfact the entire mankind. However, being restricted to home for two consecutive years is not easy, everyonedeserve vacations to unwind and start it all fresh again. With curfew being lifted up gradually in all states and people getting back to their normal lives, tourism is booming again. If you are searching for covid safe hotels in Manali, then you are at the right place as here we are going to discuss about Solang Valley Resorts, which sits pretty on the banks of the River Beas at an altitude of 8,500 feet above sea level. The property is huge with 70 rooms and the most picturesque view in the entire area. It’s truly the paradise with nature surrounding the resort from all sides.  Enticed much? Let us take you through all the features of this lovely vacation spot :

Aloof and abundant

There are very less places on this earth that not affected by human interference and Solang Valley, the best riverside resort in Manali is surely one of them. As the property is not commercialized and away from the main town it has fresh air, water, sunlight and of course greenery, in abundance. You might want to go here and never come back. Do checkout what’s instore on their website -

Safe and hygiene

If you are planning Solang Valley be rest assured as you are choosing The five star property and not any other resort. Every penny spent will be worth it as the level of comfort and hygiene you will experience is unmatchable. Even before covid, they were super sensitive about visitors’ safety, hence all precautionary steps have already been taken and each nook and corner is well sanitized 24/7.

It is indeed one of the most covid safe hotels in Manalifor other reasons like regular temperature check of staff so that are guests are in safety bubble without any doubt.

Luxury living

If you are done with chaotic daily life, then spend some days at Solang Valley Resort and cherish grand living. Comfort will be at your feet throughout your stay.

Don’t miss the opportunity; Book your room at best riverside resort in Manali, now!

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