5 Interesting Things to Do in Manali on a Romantic Getaway

5 Interesting Things to Do in Manali on a Romantic Getaway

Planning to take your partners for a romantic getaway at Manali but confused as to how you can make it one of the most romantic and promising experiences of their life? Well, today, we are going to help you with some amazing ideas when it comes to planning a romantic couple getaway in Manali and how you can make it fun-filled as well.

Top 5 Amazing Things to Do in Manali for a Romantic Getaway:

The top five things that you can plan when you are going for a romantic staycation with your partner in Manali is:

  • Book Riverside Resort in Manali:

The first and most promising option we will give you is to book a riverside resort in Manali. One of the major reasons we ask you to go for this option is because not only is the view amazing but also you will be able to do a lot of fun things by the riverside. There are some Resorts to even plan a romantic riverside dinner for you and your partner on special request. One of the best options that we can give you when it comes to booking a riverside resort in Manali is none other than Solang Valley Resorts.

  • Fun Activities at Solang Valley:

Adventure is something that all of us like, and we suggest that you plan many fun activities at the Solang Valley like paragliding, skiing or even camping. If you can ride a scooter, you can even choose to book a scooter ride in the snow and then eventually take your partner for the session. Sounds quite amazing and fun, right?

  • Hadimba Devi Temple:

All of us know that when it comes to hill stations like Manali, there are a lot of sacred temples that you can visit, one of which is the Hadimba Devi Temple. This particular option has been shortlisted because the journey to the temple is simply exquisite, and once you visit, it will surely be an experience for a lifetime. 

  • Shopping At Mall Road:

The Mall Road at Manali is a hub for all the tourists who want to buy a piece of souvenirs and shop for some amazing hill station items. So you can easily choose to go for a shopping session with your partner at Mall Road and have the best experience indeed. There are a lot of shops for your preference and a myriad of items to buy.

  • Explore Old Manali:

Finally, the last option we will suggest in this respect is exploring old Manali. Well, many people choose to overlook this particular point. However, we can say that old Manali has a very different charm. The rustic ambience will make you fall in love, and travelling with your partner is one experience that you will never be able to forget. 

If you too want to go ahead with your partner for a romantic stay at Manali, then Solang Valley Resorts is one of the best 5 star hotels in Manali. So get in touch with them today for the most exquisite experience. 

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