Planning For the Long Stay & Holidays in Manali?

Planning For the Long Stay & Holidays in Manali?

It’s been a long time that we have gone anywhere. Thanks to this pandemic, that we are not only unable to step out of the house, but even losing on our money and people. This situation has made everything critical to us like I don’t even remember when was the last time I visited somewhere out of my town. But currently, situations are under control and improving, so, I think I can plan for a vacation now and looking at the temperature which other place can be better than Manali?

Well, I am sure that I am visiting this pristine land because I have already booked my tickets and luxury resort in Manali.

Are you planning the same?

With all the above-mentioned things, one can enjoy here the most are the hotels and the resorts. If you want to plan for a long stay then the resorts near Atal Rohtang Tunnel are the perfect option to choose like Solang Valley Resort.

  1. Thinking of why over here only? The location and the surrounding area are just outstanding. Imagine yourself in the arms of nature where the sunshine will make your morning and the chilling winds will make your night. Enjoying a cup of coffee with your partner in the cozy environment is just beyond explanation.
  2. Well, it is a 4-star hotel that means you will be having numerous comforts under one roof. 4-star hotels themselves speak of the luxuries one can enjoy there. Here one can enjoy the best food in the top-notch restaurants, and then the hotel can be the perfect destination for your wedding, honeymoon, meetings, and holidays.
  3. Here you can choose from the available room options like the deluxe valley room, the glacier deluxe room, the superior deluxe room, the maharaja suite, and the presidential suite. All the rooms offer you stunning outer views and out-of-the-box comfort inside.
  4. It is one of the star destinations where people are getting attracted and one of the obvious reasons is the activities you can enjoy here. Paragliding, skiing, winter sports, Snow tubing, snow scooting, and some of the destinations nearby Dashir Lake, Hamta Peak, Hanuman Tibba, etc.

So if you are planning for a vacation then this is a wonderful destination.

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