Know the Best Hotel in Manali for Honeymoon – Solang Valley Resorts

Know the Best Hotel in Manali for Honeymoon – Solang Valley Resorts

Marking the beginning of your new life with your significant other with a honeymoon vacation after your wedding ceremony is not just a trend but has become a part of the long list of rituals that take place. After the hustle bustle of a big fat Indian wedding or even a simple one, for that matter, spending some quite time with your spouse in a luxurious resort, partaking in fun activities together, being served delicious food and drinks, being accommodated with world class facilities, etc. does not only rejuvenate you before you kickstart your new life but also helps you understand and know your partner in a different way.

Get Treated Like Royalty at the Best Resort on Solang Valley!

Solang Valley Resorts has specially curated packages for many occasions, one of which is the Royal Honeymoon Package. Apart from providing you breath-taking views of anow-clad peaks and riverside lush gardens of the resort, we also cater to the needs of a newlywed couple so that they feel pampered and special after their special day.

Our Royal Honeymoon Package is 3 nights & 4 days stay at best Resort on Solang Valley for couples; it includes the following:

  • 3 Breakfasts and 3 Dinners will be provided to you so that you do not have to waste your time deciding on where to eat or what to eat and spend more quality time with your partner while getting to know more about their food choices with the delectable options we provide.
  • We will welcome you and your sweetheart with welcome drinks and chocolates when you arrive so that you are catered to from the get-go.
  • A traditional room decoration done with fresh flowers will make the environment cosy and romantic.
  • An evening of romantic music so that you can sync your dance moves and sway each other into your lives; along with barbequed snacks.
  • Camping in the midst of apple orchards or by the riverside along with snacks and tea/coffee for an outdoor experience at the best hotel in Manali for Honeymoon.
  • A candlelight dinner near the riverside at the resort for a romantic evening with your significant other.
  • We also provide 2 mocktails or a bottle of wine during the stay. Say cheers to new beginnings!
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