Is the Only Corona Safe Resorts in Solang valley For Real

Is the Only Corona Safe Resorts in Solang valley For Real

Solang valley is one of the most popular spots that you will find having the most tourist attraction. It is because of the natural occurrence and the immensely beautiful nature around. It is absolute paradise in India where the waterfalls, river, dense greenery, forest, adventures, etc. gives you the chance of exploring nature from close. This all look so beautiful and this is the reason why people plan to visit here most of the times, but with this you also get corona safe resorts in solang valley that becomes another prominent reason.

Coronavirus is needless of any description because the hell condition it created, I don’t remember any other disease ever had. It is not coming to its end in anyways. Its different waves and mutants are just not getting its end, but now we have understand that we just can’t stay in our rooms only because in this way we are just going to add frustration and depression in our lives. Also if we will not step out then who will feed us?

Well, coming to the point is there any corona safe resort in solang valley and resorts near Atal Rohtang Tunnel?

Yes, you will find amazing options near this place that are completely corona free and also taking some extra and necessary precautions. If you are planning for a trip here and in doubt what all precautions the hotel is taking then here are some.

  1. Make sure you make the bookings in advance that are very important to avoid any kind of contact with the hotel staff. This also ensures that you will be getting the room of your choice in your chosen hotel.
  2. With the advanced bookings, the staff also makes sure that they sanitise you and your luggage at the entrance only to avoid any virus spread. They try to stay away from you in any situation, you can order anything from your room phone and you will get everything at doorstep.
  3. The whole staff will be in double masks and gloves, because while ensuring your safety they are also maintaining it for themselves. Your room will be pre sanitised and if you want you can also ask them to sanitise in front of you.

There are hotels in Solang valley but try preferring a 4 star hotel that gives you all the luxuries and fun options in the hotel only.

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