Interesting Facts that You Didn’t Know About the City of Manali

Interesting Facts that You Didn’t Know About the City of Manali

One of India’s most favored hill towns has long been Manali. Due to its thrilling attractions and adventurous activities, it is a well-liked tourist destination. Manali would therefore be one of the best possibilities for you if you were arranging a holiday with your friends and family. Adventure activities in Manali also are a prime attraction. 

Some are unable to get enough of the valley’s magic and keep returning here repeatedly. Manali and Solang Valley turn into a complete paradise in winter. This is the right time to enjoy skiing here. And as the snow melts, one can begin to zorb and para-glide. The valley is one of the safest places to visit in Manali and has many hotels near Atal tunnel, and anyone can participate in some of the most fun things to do here while on a family holiday.

Another attraction is the Atal Tunnel built under the Rohtang Pass. Hotels near Atal Tunnel have been up to mark to provide tourists with a comfortable stay and enjoyable activities. Adventure activities in Manali can be done with the accommodation at Solang Valley Resorts. 

Some of the interesting facts about the city of Manali are:

1. The Name

Manali, which means “home of Manu” in Sanskrit, is named after the saint Manu. According to legend, saint Manu traveled to Manali to meditate to rebuild human life after it was wiped away by the great floods. It should come as no surprise that the Old Manali neighborhood has a temple dedicated to Saint Manu. The people hold this place in the highest regard.

2. Hadimba Temple’s Truth

The Hadimba Temple in Manali, which has a pagoda-style roof and a small shrine with clay walls decorated with animal figures, is one of the city’s most recognizable buildings. This temple is situated in a wilderness of cedar trees and silent, dark mountains, and its history is as austere as its surroundings. Demon princess Hadimba had meditated for acceptance by the Pandava brother, Bhima, at this location, drawing in a horde of devotees. According to folklore, Hadimb was beaten by Bhima, who thereafter wed Hadimba, Hadimb’s sister. They had a son named Ghatotkach as well, and there is a shrine close by in honor of him.

3. Yak Cheese

Your list of recommended restaurants should include the German Bakery on Manali’s Mall Road. Everything else here is hot off the oven to go with your cup of coffee, aside from the delectable baked goods like cheesecakes, fruit gateaux, and chocolate truffles. Even though there are puffs and quiches, it is a good idea to bring a whole block of Yak cheese home. Except for being creamy and mild, the cheese is as genuine as it gets.

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