How to Find Corona Safe Resorts in Manali?

How to Find Corona Safe Resorts in Manali?

Winter Holidays season is arriving and hotels & resorts in Manali are slowly beginning to reopen. But many individuals—even those who are uncomfortable to travel and break out months of stay-at-home boredom—still are in doubt whether or not these getaways are worth the risk.

The hospitality industry has taken a hard hit from the time when the World Health Organization declared the corona virus outbreak a pandemic in the first quarter of this year. Many resorts were closed for a long time and suffered economic losses that forced them to shut down the business permanently.

One of the biggest challenges being faced by resorts now is finding ways to stop the spread of the corona virus within their premises. But they also need to put those efforts with the culture of hospitality: taking care of their guests feel secure, relaxed, and comfortable.

On the other hand as a guest, you also need to find corona safe resorts in Manali to enjoy holidays with their family & friends. So, question is – how to find Corona Safe Resorts in Manali?

Let’s find out how.

Before planning your holiday in Manali, you need to keep in mind these points.

Where is the resort located and how will you get there?

Many destinations in India are still safer for holidaying with family, and Manali in Himachal Pradesh is one of them. According to the health experts, we should avoid visiting popular destinations like Goa & Shimla where the population is already dense and it is harder to maintain social distancing. Even in Manali, you should try to find the resorts that are following the model of social distancing.

What safety measures are resorts are taking during your stay?

Many resorts in Manali like Solang Valley Resorts are very serious about taking every possible step to protect the health and safety of their guests. You should be aware of these steps while you are looking for Corona safe resorts, for this, you can visit the website of Solang Valley Resorts and find out these best safety measures.

Are they screening for the corona virus?

Screening is very important, not the staff but the screening of every guest and person who enters the premises. So, you need to confirm that your preferred resorts in Manali or Hotels near Atal Tunnel are honestly performing the temperature screening for guests and employees or not. And if they are not, then you need to avoid these resorts & hotels.

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