Have a Unique Experience as You Stay at Solang Valley Resort

Have a Unique Experience as You Stay at Solang Valley Resort

Solang Valley Resort is one of the most amazing resort in town. Though it is half an hour away from the main town but for Solang Valley it just takes 10min drive. This is absolutely stunning location full of snow and adventures. It is in fact one of the most stunning options to Book 5 star hotels near Rohtang tunnel. The location has beautiful scenic views and the place is under the white carpet of snow.

Overall it is a bliss!!

Well location is undoubtedly the best spot, but the hotel is extremely good. Let’s look at some of the catchy points about the hotel through which you will have an awe-inspiring experience there.

⦁ First of all it is the leading Riverside Resort in Manali surrounded by the nature and hills. One will surely have the bustling experience of living life in nature. The verdant lawns and the trees around is a treat to watch.

⦁ Astounding and comfortable rooms where you will get the old vintage feels. The rooms are decorated with the stunning furniture that goes perfect with the walls and the décor. Deluxe glacier rooms and many other is just inexpressible in words.

⦁ Hotel staff is the heart of hotel, if they are good then only a hotel can run at its best speed. So yes staff there is very friendly and helpful. You will feel complete warmth there.

⦁ Food is quite an important part when you go somewhere. Needless to say food is surely the awesome one. In fact some of the package include dinner as well. You will find finger licking food here.

⦁ If you are worried that will it be safe in Covid-19 situation!! Then yes it is completely worth to go there as the sanitisation process is absolutely marked. Masks and gloves are mandatory for the staff and at the entrance only your temperature is checked. Use of sanitizer can be seen all the time around. You will have minimum meetings with the front desk and the staff. Everything your ids, information can be shared on WhatsApp.

I know that in stressful time staying in the four walls become incumbent. We really want to step out of it. The minute your flight or bus will reach your destination, you will feel the energy that was suppressed inside you because of this stress. Of course after being locked for 6y months you need this glory.

Plan for the place, this might become your addiction!

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