Adventure Activities in Manali- The Latest Holiday Trend!

Adventure Activities in Manali- The Latest Holiday Trend!

India is land of adventure, culture, heritage and food. The country has everything to please all age groups irrespective of their origin, so every youth in the country looks forwards to one destination i.e. Manali. Manali is a hub of adventure, people from all around the world visit this place to try their hands in various thrilling activities while enjoying the natural beauty of hills and the rich flora and fauna. The place iswell-known and the most favorite spot for college outing or honeymoon because the weather and the adventures sports are loved by one and all. Various adventure activities in Manali are organized as per the weather because some sports can only be undertaken in a specific weather condition. Let’s discuss some of the adventure activities below:

  • River rafting- If you desire to cut through the water current and quench your adventurous thirst then you must try river rafting. In this sport, a group of people sits on an inflated boat conquering the hard water current with their raft paving way down the river. The sport is full of excitement and thrill but it is best to undertake in summer months especially June.
  • Paragliding- Organized around major 5 star resort in Solang valley, paragliding is the most risky and thrilling adventure sports of all. Not all have the guts to hang high up in air with a guide solely dependent of winds. Solang valley and Marhi are two major places in Manali where this activity is undertaken and the best time to try paragliding is from April to December especially when the sun shines bright.
  • Skiing- Another interesting adventure activities in Manali, skiing also remains on the to-do list of every adventure freak. In this sport the person has to deal with snow, sliding along the snow coved mountains with the help of skies and other protective gears, people enjoy this sport a lot. This activity is organized in Solang valley, Rohtang and Dhundi and the best time for skiing are the winter months of January and February when mountains are enveloped in a thick blanket of snow.

Resort in Solang valley also provides assistance to people seeking adventure sports and make their trip memorable. So, when in Manali do showcase your adventurous side to the world by trying your hands in any of the adventure activities be it zorbing, horse riding, hiking, mountain biking and much more.

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