4 Reasons for Adventure Lovers to Visit the Luxury Resort in Manali

4 Reasons for Adventure Lovers to Visit the Luxury Resort in Manali

The travel experience is wonderful only when the accommodation is perfect for the travelers. Choosing the Luxury Resort in Manali will be the first thing to do if you are looking forward to a grand vacation in the mountains. 

Solang Valley Resorts offer the richest experience to tourists. Solang Valley will be the perfect travel destination if you want to enjoy the views of the glaciers, forests, and mountains at the same time. 

An ideal destination for adventure lovers

Our resort is undeniably the best space to book your accommodation if you have an adventurer’s mind. Do you like to try new sports and activities amidst the beauty of nature? 

If that’s a “yes” coming from you, just contact us to know how you can enjoy several activities here. 

  • Enjoy river rafting

It’s imperative that the lovers of water sports will like the resort. We have in-house facilities for river rafting and rappelling. In fact, if you are interested, we can offer you a course on adventure sports to help you enjoy the sports further. 

  • Mountain biking

The rocky terrain of the mountains provides the best space for mountain bikers to enjoy an all-new experience. With those mountain bikes, you cannot stop falling in love with the place and the support that we provide. 

  • Leisure rides

If you are not a person to try river rafting or go mountain biking, you can choose a safer and more relaxing solution to enjoy the space further. We will arrange for leisure pony rides that will help you to enjoy Nature’s bounty in the best way. 

And of course, don’t forget to post your picture on the pony on your Insta handle! It will surely draw in many comments and loves.

  • Skiing

It’s a universal fact that Solang Valley is the best skiing destination in India. If you want to have a fascinating experience of skiing for the first time, you should definitely visit the place.

With an abundance of Adventure Activities in Manaliwe would suggest enjoying the adventure sports here as the winter in Solang Valley will offer the perfect snow-laden terrain for skiing.

You can also visit the world-famous Winter Skiing Festival that happens every year. Watch and enjoy the skiing enthusiasts pouring in from all parts of the country and abroad. 

Just be sure to book your rooms well ahead as we usually have full bookings in the peak season. 

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