Plan a Trip to Corona Safe Hotels in Solang Valley Manali

Plan a Trip to Corona Safe Hotels in Solang Valley Manali

Amidst the snowcapped mountains with the dense greenery and tall pines, Manali is the location garnering countless eyeballs from all over the Globe. Spending nights under the gleaming stars, whispering sounds of the waterfalls, chirping birds and roaring animals, colorful beautiful flowers making the whole environment utterly soothing, and unforgettable experience! Are you ready to explore Manali?

But the thing that matters the most is the place to stay. I mean you will be awe-inspired by the breathtaking hospitality, modern rich décor, and the mesmerizing Himalayan view from the windows. This all can be obtained from one place only i.e. Solang Valley Resorts, one of the prominent 5 star hotels near Rohtang tunnel.

Coronavirus has drastically hit everyone. It has turned life up and down breaking everyone in every possible manner. Though every industry has blown with it, the worst effect has been seen on tourism. The tourist industry has got a big blow from it where the borders were sealed and people were not able to step out of the house and visit anywhere. But in the last two months situations have changed and you can travel within the country easily. Since the time unlocks has been announced people have seen rushing to Manali but seeking thecorona safe hotels in solang valley there.

Thinking of how it is Corona safe?

  1. The first and the foremost point to keep in mind while looking for the hotel is that they are mentioning all the precautions and the details regarding it to every customer.
  2. It is better that you visit the hotel with negative test reports and vaccination confirmation. This helps in eliminating any kind of doubt.
  3. Then make sure all the bookings are done online where you don’t come in contact with anyone. Hotel staff will itself ask you to make all the bookings online even the food should be ordered through calls avoiding any kind of contact.
  4. Then the staff will be taking some extra precautions like wearing double masks, gloves, etc. with proper sanitization. The room will be sanitized before you enter the room and in front of you as well.

Needless to say, hotels are prioritizing your safety because they will also stay safe while maintaining the precautions. So, without any perplexity and a corner of doubt you can plan your trip to Manali and book the hotel immediately to avoid any kind of cancellation or filled hotels.

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