Activities That You Can’t Miss In Manali

Activities That You Can’t Miss In Manali

Some of the activities that you should not miss if you are in Manali.


Ever wondered what it would be like to fly like a bird? Paragliding is the perfect way to find out as you glide through the skies. Experienced instructors make this a safe and enjoyable experience.

River crossing

River crossing is a great way to test those muscles as you navigate your way across free flowing rivers. Trained instructors and good equipment make this a safe and enjoyable activity for all.

Mountain biking

This one’s not for thee faint of heart. Test your grit and mettle as you bike on rough terrain. Test your stamina and endurance as you pit yourself against the mountain ranges.


Roll down a hill with loads of fun, laughter and smiles for no holds barred excitement. Zorbing is hugely popular across all age groups and is a delightful way to spend some time under blue skies.

Snow tubing

Grab a tube and go whoosh down the snowy slopes. One of our favourite winter activities, this one has the wind in your hair and smiles on your face on point. Not for the faint hearted though.

Snow scooters

Free style scootering means snowboard. Zip along in pure delight on these fun mobiles on snow. It’s one of the attractions offered by Solang Valley Resort in the winter as the slopes get covered in a white carpet of snow.

Rock climbing

Just you and the rock as you scale up stark stone. This is an extreme sport and requires high levels of physical fitness and an appetite for thrill and adrenaline. Precision and strength go a long way in making this a way to come alive.


This one’s for those with an appetite for thrills. Rappelling is an extreme adventure sport and Solang Valley Resort can help arrange qualified instructors to help you enjoy it safely.


The pristine snow covered slopes are perfect to ski and this is a popular winter outdoor activity at Solang Valley Resort. Ski down against a backdrop of stunning views and under blue skies.

River rafting

Gear up for a thrilling adventure with river rafting, available for different skill levels. The exhilaration of pitting yourself against the river currents is something that can not be described, only experienced.

Pony rides

Pony rides are a joy with our little customers as they trot to the rhythm of these gentle animals. Don’t forget to pack that camera to capture memories for a lifetime.


The mountains offer endless possibilities in climbing and enjoying mountaineering for all levels. Physical fitness and a sense of adventure are the two keys to making this time spent on the hills a cherished one.


Experience the rush of being alive by ziplining on your destination holiday at Solang Valley Resort. It is the perfect activity if you are craving adrenaline without the strain of strenuous physical activity.


Discover a wonderful world out there with trekking. The mountain side is strewn with treks of all levels and there is something for everyone. Novice to ace, trekking around the resort is a fabulous way to enjoy nature.

In-house Activities

Don’t feel upto the high energy required for the grand outdoors? Find your excitement in our in-house offerings. You could choose from outdoor sports and indoor games to enjoy sports within the comfort of the resort.1. Paragliding

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